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H-2A Visas

for Seasonal or Temporary Cannabis Industry Agricultural Foreign Workers

The H-2A Work Visa allows agricultural employers to bring nonimmigrant foreign workers to the United States to work Agricultural hard-to-fill Jobs of seasonal or temporary nature as opposed to year-round agricultural jobs.

H2-A employers must prove their labor needs are seasonal or temporary and that there are no qualified, eligible U.S. workers available to perform the agricultural jobs for which the foreign workforce is being requested.

H2-A employers are required to provide housing and meals at no cost to workers and the wage must be the same for U.S workers and H2-A workers. This type of visa is only available to citizens of H2-A eligible countries.

The process can be complex as it involves multiple governmental agencies but Lake & Wyngaard, cannabis immigration law firm has years of experience helping American Companies to successfully get the foreign H-2A agricultural workforce they need to successfully grow their businesses.

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Non-Immigrant Visa Waivers

For foreign nationals looking to come to the U.S. that have been barred by one or more grounds of inadmissibility including criminal history, health issues and immigration fraud.

If you are looking to enter the United States but face grounds of inadmissibility, including previous criminal convictions, health disorders, immigration fraud, unlawful presence and other negative factors, a temporary non-immigrant waiver may offer a solution for you .

With a non-immigration waiver  almost every ground of inadmissibility can be waived. Nonimmigrant visa waivers are typically multi-entry and valid for a maximum period of 5 years. 

The non-immigrant visa waiver application process can be complex, as applicants must submit detailed and compelling supporting documentation. Before applying for a waiver it is essential to understand the reason for inadmissibility so an effective strategy for challenging the findings can be formulated.

You can greatly benefit from having legal counsel that can help you submit the best possible non-immigrant waiver application. The attorneys at Lake & Wyngaard have years of experience preparing non-immigrant waivers. Set up a consultation with one of our immigration lawyers to discuss time, cost and requirements associated with this type of visa.

non immigrant visa waivers

E-2 Business Investor Visa

For those investing in their cannabis business in the United States.

An E2 Business Investor Visa allows you start a Cannabis Industry Related business or purchasing an existing one. To qualify, your country of nationality must be on the list of countries that have a treaty with the U.S.

E-2 Visa applicants need to make a substancial investment in order to qualify for this type of visa. The law does not state a set amount but in general E-2 investor need to invest at least $100,000 to succeed in obtaining a E-2 Investor Visa.

Lake & Wynggard Cannabis Immigration Lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable of on the E2 Investor Visa requirements and will be happy to assist you with your case. Visit our contact section for a consultation with one of our lawyers.

L-1A Investor Visas

For those wishing to expand their existing Hemp business into the United States.

The L-1A visa, also known as the Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager visa, allows non-immigrant, foreign nationals to live in the United States while working in a managerial or executive capacity.

The L1A visa can be used by employees and investors. It allows multinational or international companies to send their foreign employees to expand their business by opening a new branch or affiliate company.

Some advantages of the L-1A visa is that you don’t need to have a degree to qualify for one and there are no limits to how many of this type of visas are issued each fiscal year, as opposed to other work visas, like H-1B, H-2A, EB-1 etc. Also, if you have an L-1A Visa you may be able to bring your spouse and children to the United States.

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0-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa

For individuals wanting to do specialized cannabis related work in the United States.

O-1A Visas are designed to attract talented people from all over the world that possess extraordinary abilities in sciences, education, business or athletics.

With an O-1A Visa, foreign nationals can work and live with their dependents in the United States, working in the fields in which they have extraordinary abilities.

The O-1A Visa offers many benefits to its holders but the beneficiaries must be able to demonstrate their expertise and that they are at the top of their field.

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H-2B Work Visas for temporary non-Agricultural Cannabis Workers

For individuals and their immediate families who wish to legally live and work in the United States.

The H-2B Visa is a non-agricultural non-immigrant work visa for foreign workforce able to fill seasonal or temporary job positions for which U.S. workers are in short supply.

Employers need to prove their labor needs are seasonal or temporary (less than 12 months). The H-2B worker is able to work almost every type of work as long as it is non-agricultural work.

It is important to note that the USCIS issues only 66,000 H2B visas per year and that they are only available to citizens of countries designated as H-2B eligible countries.

Holders of H-2B visas can live and work in the U.S. with their immediate families. Their children also have access to public education.

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